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I have one in my after school play room where a few neighbors' kids occasionally come by after school and I am a safe place for them until their parents get home. I can't exactly say I baby sit because the kids are between 9 and 14 years old. I just bought four to give as gifts at Christmas. I would like to know if there is a course for kids based on the ABCs? Sometimes I point to an ABC when I think it will help. If there isn't please consider making one especially for pre-teens and teens. It seems like they need it the most. I got my first ABC poster in the nineties when I was still a teenager and it helped me very much! These are great ideas for anyone of any age! Thank you.
Cherise Schultz, Daycare
Congrats on re-opening! I'm glad you made it through the storm!
I hung an ABC poster in my staff's break room. They love it and I have seen a vast improvement in attitude around here. I am ordering one for my grandson today. Thank you for giving us something that actually works.
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" The ABCs have meant so much to me while I am going through a difficult time. They really help!
Cheryl Malone
Hi, Thank you for the great posters and service! I hung one in my office and one in the hallway by my kids' rooms. They love the ABCs and so do I. :)!!!!! .
Sonya Ramford

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